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The only class
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The only class
you'll need.



An inspirational life changing fitness experience that's designed to benefit the body, mind, and soul to create strength from the inside out. Fit with Coco’s method combines strength training with pilates to build lean muscle, burn fat, and increase energy.

a workout plan for everyday of the week.


Feel the energy through the screen! Come take a live class with me on Zoom and the Fit with Coco community!



Move with me anytime, anywhere, no matter how busy you are. 3-5 new workouts are added each week!



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✓ 3-5 new workouts added every week

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In strength and HIIT classes you can expect to build lean muscle, develop strength and endurance, and change overall body composition. Full body strength training, lower and upper body circuits, HIIT, and core challenges. Get ready to get in the best shape of your life through these workouts!


Designed to empower, build lean muscle, and increase confidence. In Sweaty Sculpt you can expect to improve lifting techniques, increase strength, and define your muscles. The workouts include a variety of exercises and techniques like supersets, pyramids, and circuit-style training. Sweaty Sculpt will leave you feeling motivated and strong.


For when you’re wanting a low-impact workout but still want to tone your body. In Pilates Remix we lengthen, tone, and stretch all muscle groups in the body. Designed to strengthen your core, boost energy levels, and reduce stress. If you want to build strength, gain confidence, and relieve stress this is the class for you!

“As a singer and performer it’s always been important to me to stay in shape. My parents also met in a gym, so staying active is quite literally in my blood. But being in the music industry and growing up on social media, for a long time I thought staying in shape meant being as skinny as possible. I would spend hours in the gym every week just doing cardio. When Covid hit I couldn’t go to the gym, I reached out to Courteney to try out a virtual training session, and from the first session I was completely hooked. She made me feel so comfortable, listened to my goals and helped me reach them, helped me get my eating habits right, and drilled into my head “strong not skinny.” I honestly don’t know where I would be without her today. She’s changed my life completely and has become like a big sister to me in the process. Her methods are tough at times but so worth it. So I will definitely be dragging her on tour with me whenever I wind up going on the road!” - Haley

"Courteney’s classes have transformed my body more than any workout I’ve ever done. I have been working out my entire life and never have I seen my body so toned, fit and strong! The live classes have motivated me so much and she is so helpful with form and demonstrations for each move. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed! Thanks Court!" -Jackie

"I have been working out on my own for a few years now and while I see changes that come and go, this has been the best challenge for me thus far! There are exercises I am doing that I have never done before and I am sore in places I have never been before! I truly love it. Also, I have never really experienced personal training and I’m obsessed. I have never enjoyed getting my butt kicked more! Hearing my name called out for encouragement during the workout helps me continue to push myself so hard through the burn. The encouraging words you share with us each day throughout each session has truly changed my outlook to be so positive and starting 2021 off on such a strong and powerful note. Thank you so much for all your hard work, motivation, and dedication. I am so grateful and feeling stronger than ever!" -Jessika

"I have always had a hard time motivating myself to workout at a gym which is why I usually take classes. I used to do CorePower, Barry's, Soul Cycle etc. but honestly Coco's classes are better than all of those combined. I love how much knowledge she has about our bodies and really fine tunes each workout for results. These classes are challenging but Coco has made them so fun that they fly by. Also the community that Coco has created is so inspiring. Doing these live classes has definitely become one of the highlights of my day!" - Kira

"It is obvious this is Courteney’s passion, she is so motivating and makes everyone feel good about themselves. She is so welcoming and gives modifications to those that need it. The classes are very challenging and will definitely leave you dripping in sweat after." - Sydney

"I had been doing so many different types of workouts and programs over the last 9 months being at home and my body wasn’t changing at all. It finally started changing after just 3 weeks of consistent training from coco. I have never had a trainer or a class know how to change the female form. Coco has the experience and expertise to change women’s bodies. I am so thankful for this program and for you!" - Lindsey

"I cannot say enough how amazing cocos programs are.Courteney has the most amazing PT program because she goes one step further than most personal trainers do.Yes, you get amazing fitness training and nutrition advice, but you are also getting someone who truly cares. She shares her own personal fitness journey with everyone and is so authentic with her clients.I always feel like I can share my victories as well as my struggles with her throughout my fitness journey and she’s always there to root me on or encourage me when things get tough. This is the best thing you’ll do for yourself- get on it! LOVE YOU COURT" -Andrea

A Message From Courteney

The Fit with Coco method is one of the most transformative practices that you can do for your body and helps you to create lasting change. My focus as a fitness instructor is to make the most of your workout through focusing on technique, form, and self love. I feel that there is not enough emphasis put on how effective and life changing your workouts can be from home (or from literally anywhere).

My classes will leave you will feeling stronger, longer, and leaner. However you will also experience change from the inside. I want the Fit with Coco community to set a new standard for their body and what it deserves. Treat your body with love from the inside out. You glow differently when you take care of yourself and put your body first. Whether you’re wanting to feel healthier, happier, stronger, or sexier, Fit with Coco will help you make that happen.


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